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Cloth Shield by Stefano Pelinga

My friends, I have damaged countless cloths on countless tables during my career while practicing my masse shots and I have spent years researching the best method to avoid damaging the cloth without affecting the purity of the shot.

Finally, I developed the idea for the CLOTH SHIELD; a protective cover so thin that balls can roll over it with no affect on their trajectory and also so resistant it is nearly impossible to pierce with the tip of the cue. Now you too can practice masse, jump and break shots without any damage to the cloth on your pool table! Why spend $500 to re-felt your pool table when you can protect the cloth with my new Cloth Shield for only $15.00? Get yours today!

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Cloth Shield Single
Cloth Shield Single

Stefano Pelinga

"Mr. Trick Shots"

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Agent: Mr. Gibbi Tkatch
+1 (818) 606.1724
Intl. Agent: Ms. Anita Madaluni