"Pool is more than a game or sport to me. It is an artform."

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Welcome my friends, and thank you all for the support you have given me throughout my pool career. I can honestly say that the greatest reward I've received during my career was to meet thousands of wonderful people all over the world who always found an occasion to show me their gratefulness for what I somehow passed onto them, for my dedication to the sport and, above all, for my fair play with opponents and my laid-back style.

This web site is dedicated to all of you who have been so kind to support me and have shown so much respect for what I have accomplished in the sport of pool and billiards.

If you're looking for entertainment to add to your next event, consider the unique style of the world's most talented, accomplished and charismatic trick shot champion...
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My New Book

Learn the techniques and shots that made me a world champion in my new 300+ page book, "Stefano Pelinga's Bringing Down The House".

  • Autobiography and Photos of Stefano "Mr. Trick Shots" Pelinga
  • Cue Sports Fundamentals and Advanced Techniques
  • 150+ Detailed Diagrams including Stefano's famous trick shots

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