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Stefano Pelinga Pulls No Punches: Feature Story in Jan. 2013 Inside Pool Magazine

February 2013 Inside POOL Magazine features Stefano Pelinga on the cover as a recent inductee into the Italian American Hall of Fame. In February’s issue, learn how the charismatic Stefano Pelinga went from being a boxer to a world champion in artistic pool. Upon opening the digital reader, turn to page 22 to read the article shown here.


Stefano Pelinga Inducted Into National Italian American Sports Hall Of Fame!

Stefano is inducted alongside other Italian-American greats including World Boxing Middleweight Champion Vito Antuofermo, World Series Champion John Smoltz and more. Click on the photo or the link below to read the full article from Pool & Billiard Magazine. Upon opening the digital reader, turn to page 32 to read the article.

Salud, Stefano

By: Keith Loria
Billiards Digest - January 2013

Sitting among some of the greatest Italian-American athletes of the last 50 years-guys like perennial MLB All-Star Mike Piazza, Stanley Cup champion Tony Esposito and World Boxing Middleweight Champion Vito Antuofermo-Stefano Pelinga was honored to be considered in their class.

Pelinga Tricks a Treat in Second Win

By: Mason King
Billiards Digest - December 2007

For Stefano Pelinga, the 2007 version of ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic proved victory is sweeter the second time around. After winning his first Trick Shot Magic title in 2005, Pelinga believes his second title has cemented him in the elite of his discipline.

Stefano Pelinga Captures 2007 Trick Shot Magic

Pool & Billiard Magazine -
November 2007

Stefano Pelinga defeated Tom Rossman for the TRICK SHOT MAGIC title and the lion’s share of the $50,000 purse at the Eighth Annual ESPN TRICK SHOT MAGIC competition in Las Vegas.

Inside Stefano: The Drive & Determination

By: Samm Diep
Q-Ball Express - March 2006
Stefano comments on his aspirations of entering the Billiard Hall of Fame... When asked where he saw himself five years from now, “I hope that I will be so good to one day be inducted into the Hall of Fame. That’s my next goal. I have to repeat myself a couple more times, to win a couple more world championships.” Speaking of the Hall of Fame, he wanted to add his sincere happiness for Earl Strickland, a good friend of his. “He might be criticized for his attitude but he’s a great player, one of the greatest players that ever lived.”

That's Amore!

By: Mason King
Billiards Digest - August 2006

Stefano comments on his early experience playing billiards... “I always liked the game, ever since I was very, very young. But then I found out that Dino was a very good pool player,” he said. “I played straight pool, and I became pretty good, but it was hard for me to find a game. By the time I was 18, I hustled a little bit, and nobody wanted to play me anymore, so that was quite a problem. ”By chance, he saw a documentary on TV about trick-shot artist Paul Gerni, and that gave him a light-bulb brainstorm. “I said, ‘This is probably something I could keep practicing on my own. I don’t need an opponent to practice trick shots, so I can still enjoy the game and learn some more."

Stefano Pelinga Captures 2007 Trick Shot Magic

By: Tom Shaw
Pool & Billiard Magazine -
August 2004

For the last ten years Pelinga has been practicing exclusively at one of the nicest pool halls in Rome, the Laser Club. “I have my table always reserved so I never needed to buy one,” he said. “I end up practicing about 2-3 hours every other day, less than half the time I need. Thank God so far it has proved to be enough!” During Billiards International's Trick Shot Magic shows on ESPN Pelinga has demonstated his considerable skills. “In our 40-shot Pro format a few times I scored 200 or more points,” he said, “which is about 2/3 of the total score...”

Quotes and comments that others in the world of billiards have made about me over the years. My deepest appreciation goes out to all of my colleagues and my fans for being so good to me and for supporting me in my earnest effort to entertain and to be a great champion.

“Stefano Pelinga won the title Trick Shot Magic Champion on ESPN in 2007. As team captain, he also led Team Europe to victory over Team USA on ESPN in 2007. To accomplish those feats in the same year places him among the rare and truly gifted talents in the world of trick shot artistry”.

“After meeting Pelinga everyone comes away saying what a likeable guy he is. There’s no arrogance or flaming ego, just a ready smile and a respect for the game and its players. When the artist has the skill and positive personality of Stefano, anything he does may take off at a very high speed”.

“What Pelinga really values are the intangibles, the Dino-esque qualities he hopes he has incorporated into his act, his personality and his outlook. The smooth style. The unflappable attitude. The c’mon-get-happy spirit. The deft way he can make an audience enjoy a missed shot more than a successful one".

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