Below are some comments that others in the world of billiards have made about me over the years. My deepest appreciation goes out to all of my colleagues and my fans for being so good to me and for supporting me in my earnest effort to entertain and to be a great champion.
“We feel that anyone or any group fortunate enough to meet Mr. Pelinga will be pleased with the efforts, personality and courtesy he brings with him, as well as his captivating array of impressive trick shots. Above all, he conducts himself as a gentleman, and that is a special plus for any company or group considering an association with him”.
Paul Gerni (World Champion; WTSAA President)
“Aside from being extremely talented and driven, Stefano is as humble as they come and very down-to-earth.... he’s also so charming!”.
Samm Diepp (Billiard Author; Pool Champion)
“Stefano has the ‘cool’ of Dean Martin – he’s very laid-back, and at the same time somewhat charming. Stefano is also very personable, and quite attractive to the ladies. Anyone who can go through the field of eight players we had last year (Editor’s note: 2005), is deservedly recognized not only as one of the elite, but an absolute master of trick shots”.
“Stefano Pelinga won the title Trick Shot Magic Champion on ESPN in 2007. As team captain, he also led Team Europe to victory over Team USA on ESPN in 2007. To accomplish those feats in the same year places him among the rare and truly gifted talents in the world of trick shot artistry”
Matt Braun (Writer and TV producer)

“There is an old American saying that nice guys finish last. Stefano Pelinga, a nice guy who finishes first!"

"The artistic pool world is lucky to have such a congenial and talented champion!”
Robert Byrne
(Billiard Author; Billiard Congress of America Hall of Famer)
“After meeting Pelinga everyone comes away saying what a likeable guy he is. There’s no arrogance or flaming ego, just a ready smile and a respect for the game and its players. When the artist has the skill and positive personality of Stefano, anything he does may take off at a very high speed”.
Thomas Shaw (“Pool & Billiards” Managing Editor
“What Pelinga really values are the intangibles, the Dino-esque qualities he hopes he has incorporated into his act, his personality and his outlook. The smooth style. The unflappable attitude. The c’mon-get-happy spirit. The deft way he can make an audience enjoy a missed shot more than a successful one. In addition, Stefano’s repertoire and resumé are tremendously impressive”.
Mason King (“Billiards Digest” Managing Editor)
More Quotes Will Be Posted As They Become Avaialable!
Again I would like to thank everyone that contributed to this page for their kind words.  - Stefano
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